Archie’s Flip Flops and Plantar Fasciitis

The Archies Flip Flops (they call them “thongs” in Australia) are proving to be very popular in Australia where they were originally developed by a physiotherapist and sold in podiatry clinics. They are much more widely available now at many health professional’s clinics and retailers. Typically, the flip flops are flat and are generally not recommended that you not use them if you have plantar fasciitis as the lack of support can make the symptoms substantially worse. What is different about the Archies is that they have an arch support built into them and the strap is much tighter so the toes do not have to work so hard to keep them on the foot. The amount of the arch support is about what you would normally get from the over-the-counter types of arch supports. This makes them a more viable option if you have foot problems like plantar fasciitis, especially if you live in climates (like Australia) where this type of footwear is common.

The Archies are also proving popular as recovery footwear with athletes. As the flip flops are soft and cushioning and have the arch support built in to them, they make them ideal for athletes to wear after a hard workout to help facilitate recovery. Those features make them very comfortable, even for non-athletes.

Podiatrists have also been using them as an adjunct to foot orthotics therapy, especially as lifestyle footwear when you want to use footwear that does not accommodate foot orthotics. The Archies can also be modified by adding wedges on them or metatarsal pads on them.

In Australia, you can buy the Archies here.

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