How to get some arch support in ballet flats?

What if you have plantar fasciitis but need to wear quite restrictive shoes at your work like the ballet flats. That really is a problem and the priority has to be to find shoes that you can wear, even if it means negotiating with your employer for some sort of compromise.

The whole point of the ballet flats is to be minimalist. They are designed that way. There is no way that support can be built into them. They are also quite fashionable and liked by a lot of people. For podiatrist’s such shoes do pose a problem and they belong to a range of footwear types that you can not use foot orthotics in. These include the true ballet shoes, cycling shoes and football boots – they are all designed to be very tight fitting on the foot.

All is not lost if you need arch support in ballet flats or similar types of footwear. There are these silicon gel self adhesive arch pads that can be used in such footwear:

It can take a bit of experimentation to get it right, but when in the right place that can provide some of the support that is needed. They are less than ideal, but much better than nothing if you have to wear any of the minimalist types of foot wear.

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