Self massage for plantar fasciitis

Self-massage can help make a big difference if you have plantar fasciitis and alleviate some of the pain. This can be done with a tennis ball or a frozen water bottle (the old Coca Cola bottles were good for this) or even a specialized device like the PediRoller.

To use these tools, sit down on a chair or the edge of a bed and place the tennis ball or frozen water bottle on the floor. Place your affected foot on top of the ball/bottle, with your toes pointed straight ahead. Apply gentle pressure and roll your foot back and forth over the ball/bottle. Focus on rolling from the front of your foot (ball of the foot) to the back (heel) and along the arch of your foot. Spend extra time on areas that feel particularly tight or tender, but avoid causing excessive pain. Perform this rolling motion for about 5-10 minutes on each foot.

After using the ball/bottle/PediRoller, you can use your hands to perform a gentle massage and stretch.
Place your thumbs on either side of the arch of your foot and use circular motions to massage the area.
Gently pull your toes back toward your shin to stretch the plantar fascia while continuing the circular massage motions. You can also use your fingers to gently massage the sole of your foot, paying attention to any knots or tension. Repeat this process for a few minutes on each foot.

It is recommended to perform these self-massage techniques 2-3 times a day, especially during times of discomfort. Be consistent with your efforts and listen to your body’s response.

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